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Catalog University Library Voyager catalog
Databases EBIB: Publications of JATE faculties from 1981
FILM: Film & movie database
PRES: Pressdok
LIGE: Catalog of Oriental Collection (Closed: 1996)
RARE: Catalog of old and rare books (Closed: 1996)
SKRK: Somogyi Library, Szeged, Catalog of old books
FILO: Philosophy
DOKT: Social Science Collection
Library of
Bolyai Institute
Journals, books, theses
KözElKat Hungarian Common Electronic Catalog New
NIIF Databases of NIIF
OPAC Guide Hungary
World Wide Web
Our Favourite WebOPACs
SWETS ILi Integrated Library Information System
Foreign Periodicals Foreign Electronic Periodicals Available from JATE University Library


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